Sitecore Module: Enhanced Publish Viewer

After working on a project that had a very large content migration that saw us publishing and republishing large numbers of items, I began to greatly desire some sort of indicator to see the progress of my publishes. So, I decided I wanted to add a progress bar to the standard Sitecore Publish dialog box.

Before embarking on my own custom solution, I went to the Sitecore Marketplace to see if there was a Shared Source module that met my needs. After a quick search, I didn’t see anything that met my goal of having a progress bar within the Publish dialog. However, I did run across a really handy module called the Publish Viewer module. This module can be found in the marketplace here:

I figured, rather than building my own module from scratch, I would just extend the work already put into the Publish Viewer module. This provided me 2 great advantages:

  1. Provide users with a great tool to view a lot of useful information about current and pending publishes.
  2. I already had all the necessary code to calculate the progress of a publish.

All that was left was to get this information displayed in the Publish dialog. And so with the Enhanced Publish Viewer, the following is possible:


The source code for the Enhanced Publish Viewer can be found on GitHub. The Sitecore installation package can be found in the /data/packages folder.

Installation Instructions

Just upload the package and install and you’re good to go.

Configuration Options

The installation package installs a configuration file (EnhancedPublishViewer.config) to your website’s /App_Config/Include directory. The configuration file contains the following settings:

  • PublishProgress.JquerySrc: The URL to jQuery javascript file you want to use.
  • PublishProgress.JquerUiSrc: The URL to the jQuery UI javascript file you want to use.
  • PublishProgress.CustomJsSrc: The URL to the source of the custom javascript file. This file initializes the progress bar using jQuery UI.
  • PublishProgress.JqueryUiBaseCssHref: The URL to the global jQuery UI CSS file.
  • PublishProgress.JqueryUiThemeCssHref: The URL to the jQuery UI theme CSS file you want to use to style the progress bar.
  • PublishProgress.CustomCssHref: The URL to the custom CSS file you want to use. There are some base styles to assist in properly stlying the progress bar within the Publish dialog box.

And there you have it. You now have a progress bar for your publishes. I want to give a big thanks to Mrunal Brahmbhatt who created the original Publish Viewer, significantly paving the way for my enhancement. Again, be sure to check out the documentation in the Sitecore Marketplace ( to read about this great tool.

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