Coveo for Sitecore and Sitecore 7.1 Rules Engine Updates

Coveo recently released it’s new Coveo for Sitecore connector and updated Search UI controls. I shared some of my initial impressions after working with the Beta here: I’ve been really excited to dig deeper into this product and have just begun my first full implementation.

I installed the new Coveo Search Provider in a Sitecore 7.1 implementation and began to configure my search page.

Edit Properties of Coveo Search Sublayout

After clicking ‘Edit rule’ to add a Filter Expression I saw the following:

Filter Expressions Rules Editor Window

After some quick digging I discovered that Sitecore revamped their Rules Engine for their 7.1 release. This mainly requires a reorganization of the Rules within Sitecore and leveraging of their tagging features. So after creating the necessary items and moving around some others, I decided to package them up: Coveo for Sitecore Search Interface 3.0 Update Package. Just install this Sitecore package, like any other, and be ready to go with Coveo for Sitecore on Sitecore 7.1. Once installed, the rules editor window should now look like:

Filter Expressions Rules Editor Window After Installing Package

Keep looking back here as I hope to continue providing thoughts and improvements as I my work continues with Sitecore 7.1 and Coveo for Sitecore.

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