Coveo 7: Custom Control Errors

A few weeks ago I embarked on my second Coveo implementation. This was to be my first using Coveo 7 and the out-of-the-box controls that come packaged with the Coveo .NET Front End. My previous implementation utilized Coveo 6.5 and the Coveo Web Service.

After following Coveo’s fairly simple instructions found in their online help section:, I created a custom control but immediately ran into the follow error:

Error in Coveo 7 Search Interface

The other day I ran into an odd error while trying to configure the Search Interface for my newly installed Coveo 7 Front-End.  After firing up the front-end, I selected ‘Edit this Interface’. Under the ‘Search Hub’ tab selecting the ‘Content’ link caused the following error: Unable to cast object of type ‘Coveo.CES.Web.Search.Admin.AdditionalPagesConfigSection’ to type ‘Coveo.CES.Web.Search.Admin.AdditionalPagesConfigSection’.